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Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 7106
Article de périodique - Book Review / Recension critique
Mollinga, Peter P.; Strang, Véronique; Linton, J.
Book review of Strang, 2004. The meanings of water. Berg and Linton, 2010. What is water? The history of a modern abstraction
IFPRI/ IRD / IWM, 2011. - pp. 429-432

Périodique : Water Alternatives. An interdisciplinary journal on water, politics and development , n° 3, vol. 4

Résumé : A joint review of an ethnography of the multiple meanings of water in the Stour valley in southwest England, and a geographer’s political ecology investigation of the history of the concept of the hydrologic cycle, do not perhaps constitute an obvious choice. What links the two books is that they both address questions of knowledge and meaning in the study (and experience) of water as a substance and a flow, and do this in innovative ways – innovative certainly from the perspective of both received wisdom in the 'water sector' and its community of professional practitioners and researchers.
The two books are also complementary in several ways. Where Linton opens his book with the provocative statement that 'water is what we make of it', Strang’s book can be read as an account of how water makes us in, and through, a variety of senses