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Langues : anglais; portugais
Fiche n° : 6511
Document électronique
Barbosa de Lima, Ana Carolina
Flavors of the city: access to regional fruit and fruit consumption in the State of Acre, Brazil /
Sabores da cidade: acesso a frutas regionais e consumo de frutas no Acre, Brasil

2014. - pp. 79-92

Périodique : Ciências Humanas Boletim do Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Janvier-avril, N°1, v. 9

Résumé : In 2010 more than 70% of the population in the Brazilian Amazon was living in urban centers. This article looks at the
effect of urbanization on market availability and consumption of regional fruits in the state of Acre. The east and west
region were used as proxies for urbanization, and quantitative and qualitative methods were combined in interviews
with regional fruit vendors and consumers. Open markets in large cities provided a greater variety of regional fruits for
purchase, yet fruit consumption was more diverse in the less urbanized west, than in the east. This pattern reveals the
importance of fruit tree diversity in home gardens and urban forested fragments, as well as of non-monetary exchanges
of goods as promoters of variety in fruit consumption. Findings suggest that children may be benefiting the most from this
consumption. Also, certain regional fruits have gained a ‘cultural marker’ status and are widely consumed regardless of
the urbanization rates. Nevertheless, this article demonstrates how urbanization affects the diversity of fruit consumption
in different social groups, and how this process is mediated by access, income level, and health concerns. (D'après la présentation de l'auteur)
Sujets / Produits : urbanisation; régime; marchés; jardinage
Localisation : Brésil