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Cote : LA42
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 6465
Wiley, Andrea S.
Re-imagining milk
New York : Taylor & Francis, 2011. - 144 p. (Routledge Series for Creative Teaching and Learning in Anthropology Series n°1)

Résumé : Written explicitly for undergraduates, Re-imagining Milk demonstrates how a particular commodity can be used to illustrate ethnocentric beliefs about the universal goodness of milk; biological variation in human populations; political and economic processes that inform dietary policies, nutrition education, and current trends in globalization; the utility of a biocultural approach to the study of food; the cultural construction of a commodity that is consumed by many students on a daily basis, or if not, certainly is one that students "know" they "should" consume daily. (Résumé de l'éditeur)
1. Introduction: On the "specialness" of milk 2. Population variation in milk digestion and dietary policy 3. A Brief History of Milk Consumption: Europe and the U.S. 4. Milk consumption, calcium, and child growth 5. Growing children around the world: the globalization of childhood milk consumption 6. Conclusion