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Fiche n° : 6397
Schor, Juliet B. (Dir.); Thompson, Craig J. (Dir.)
Sustainable lifestyles and the quest for plenitude. Case studies of the new economy
New Haven / London : Yale University Press, 2014. - 280 p.

Résumé : Many of today’s most troubling environmental and economic issues have come to seem insoluble: carbon emissions, overshoot, inequality, joblessness, and a dysfunctional food system. Can we change direction, move away from business as usual, and achieve a more sustainable, empowering, and humane economy? In locations across the United States and around the globe, local participants are forging their own versions of small-scale, low-footprint, high-satisfaction lifestyles and communities. From raw-milk consumers and members of alternative agricultural initiatives to time bankers, artisan producers in the Aude region of France, and bicycle mechanics on the South Side of Chicago, individuals and small groups are exploring the practice of plenitude. [Résumé de l'éditeur] Sujets / Produits : agriculture; lait cru; durabilité; production artisanale
Localisation : Etats-Unis; France