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[Programme du symposium d'Oxford de 2010] (172.93 Ko)
Cote : WB21
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 5676
Saberi, Helen (dir.); Luard, Elisabeth (préf.)
Cured, fermented and smoked foods
Totnes : Prospect books, 2011. - 392 p., ill., photos, noir et blanc, schémas, tableaux

Congrès : Actes du Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, Oxford, Saint Antony's College , Angleterre, 9-10 juillet 2010

Résumé : The subject of the 2010 Oxford Symposium on Food is one of the most fecund branches of food studies, ranging across a surprising variety of ingredients. The international gathering that is the Symposium responded vigorously with a series of essays touching on the foodways of cultures like Korea, China, Ethiopia, ancient Rome, Japan, Transylvania, Indonesia, Turkey, Canada, the United States, Ireland, Cyprus, Siberia and the United Kingdom, not to mention central Asia, Holland, Alaska, Africa and Israel. As well as wandering the globe, the authors travel in time drawing on disciplines such as archaeology, orthodox history, oral history and iconography. There are discussions of the role of cured meats in the military diet, the long history of salt cod in the Mediterranean, the art of making sausages in ancient Israel, the anthropology of Ethiopian starch fermentation, the medical history of marmalade and the science of the dry fermentation of sausages. Domaines : Conservation des aliments / Fermentation
Sujets / Produits : transformation; aliments; conservation; pratiques alimentaires; cuisine; systèmes alimentaires; alimentation animale; saveurs; pêche artisanale; saucisses; coings; oranges; sucre; sel; pain fumé au charbon; poissons fermentés; légumes pourris; tofu puant; vinaigre; levure; huile; tempeh; cheddar; lait fermenté; bacalao; yoghurt; porc; taro; afro-américains; judaïsme; pickles; levure
Préparations / Savoir-faire : corned beef; fermentation; fumage; saumure; séchage
Localisation : Grande-Bretagne; Méditerranée; Corée; Taiwan; Ethiopie; Canada; Ethiopie; Italie; Irlande; Asie centrale; Sibérie; Alaska; Turquie; Suède; Kenya; Europe Centrale