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Cote : T851
Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 5043
Preprint - Tiré à part
Pacciani, Alessandro; Belletti, Giovanni; Marescotti, Andrea; Scaramuzzi, Silvia
The role of typical products in fostering rural development and the effects of regulation (EEC) 2081/92
In Policy Experiences with Rural Development in a Diversified Europe
2001. - 17 p, Bibliogr. pp. 16-17

Congrès : Policy experiences with rural development in a diversified Europe, Ancone, Italie, 28-30 juin 2001, European association of agricultural economists

Résumé : Rural development is progressively becoming one of the major objectives of the EU policies. Both a widespread literature and
the policy adopted by the EU stress the importance of supporting typical products to attain this objective. As a matter of fact
typical products are strictly tied to their area of origin, as they derive their characteristics from the paedoclimatic, technical and
organisational peculiarities of the “terroir” they come from. They are often considered useful "tools" to keep local culture and
traditions, and to foster rural development especially in disadvantaged and mountain areas.
The attention of the paper is focused on the links between rural development and typical products. The paper aims at showing
the different strategies linked to the promotion of typical products, and how the various actors involved at a local level (farmers,
processing firms, local public institutions, producers and consumers associations, etc.) take part in take part in
the process that leads to apply for PDO/PGI. Two strategy idealtypes are identified: the first centered on the valorisation of typical product supply chain at local level (Regulation of Product Reputation Strategy), the second aiming at promoting the the whole set of local resources
(handicraft, landscape, services, culture, etc.) through the typical product (Territorial Quality Strategy).
Domaines : Droit / Réglementation / Protection
Sujets / Produits : produits locaux; valorisation; acteurs locaux; stratégies; qualité; signes; produits de terroir; enjeux; développement rural; productions locales
Localisation : Europe