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Langues : anglais
Fiche n° : 5042
Tiré à part - Communication
Alavoine-Mornas, Françoise
Fruit and vegetables of typical local areas : consumers'perception and valorization strategies through distributors and producers
1997. - pp. 317-329, bibliogr. p. 329

Congrès : EU typical and traditional productions : rural effects and agro-industrial problems, Parme, Italie, 19-21 juin 1997, European Association of Agricultural Economists

Résumé : This paper presents some research results and elements, as matter for thought, about valorization strategies for regional typical fresh fruit and vegetables. Surveys conducted in
hypermarkets highlighted the consumers' interest for this kind of products, which convey positive and reassuring images. Interviews with people in charge of ma ss distribution showed that distributors pay greater attention to these products, that can serve their strategic objectives. Producers must, however, prove their organization and quality management abilities, to meet distributors' quality and organization requirements. The following conclusions can be drawn from the study: even if regional typical fruit and vegetables are presently representing interesting outlets, their valorization can be hampered by certain limits. The promotion possibilities among consumers, the interest shown by distributors, and the risks taken by producers may be considered as those limits.
Domaines : Droit et Réglementation : Marques / Signes / Grandes et Moyennes Surfaces; Terroirs / Productions agricoles et alimentaires locales
Sujets / Produits : produits régionaux; valorisation; consommation; produits locaux; consommateurs; comportement; grande distribution; stratégies; produits de terroir; représentations; étude; fruits; légumes; productions locales; producteurs locaux