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Cote : SH26
Langues : français
Fiche n° : 2549
Goulaine, Robert de
Le livre des vins rares ou disparus
Paris : Bartillat, 2002. - 186 p

Résumé : This book is not just another guide, but an adventure into the world of rare or vanished wines from around the globe. Robert de Goulaine, a wine-maker himself, unveils the stories behind some of the most incredible and unknown wines. The Hungarian Essenzcia, wine of the Czars and Kings; the Clos de Bois Marie, a Belgian grape unknown to Belgians themselves; the Spanish Vega Sicilia; extraordinary Swiss wines; remote Persian wines; South Africa's Constance; white Chinon, and many French grapes and vintages which have well-kept secrets, some even remaining unnamed. Amazing and amusing anecdotes and legends of the people and country surround these crown jewels of viniculture from their creation to their disappearance. Domaines : Boissons et Spiritueux : Vin
Sujets / Produits : vins rares; boissons alcoolisées; légendes; vins; représentations; vin; vin hongrois; vin belge; vin vermeil; vin de Constance; Chinon blanc
Localisation : France